Deploying an app into iphone

  • step 1 : open keychain access and go to keychain access which is present at the leftmost top corner 
  • in keychain Access go Certificate Assistant–>Request a certificate from the certificate authority.
  • Enter some email address and the common name which u prefer and select the radio button save to disk.
  • this saves the certificate in the desktop.
  1. now open the login with ur $99 membership id in the member center.
  2. select the option ios provisional portal.
  3. then select the certificates tab in the left.
  4. select request a new certificate and in the last it asks to upload a file. Just upload the file which u have just downloaded and click submit.
  5. Then it shows a profile with status as pending. then refresh the page then the status changes to issued .
  6. Download this provisional certificate next step is to create an app id. give some name as description an use an id mostly team id(as ur wish) and give the bundle identifier(as com.domainname.appname).


  • select the provisioning tab and give the profile name app id,check the certificate tab and select the device which in which you want to run ur application.
  • hit submit then u will see the provisional profile in the provisional tab.
  • download the proviosionals and click on that .then then the certificate automatically updates to the xcode.
  • open xcode and the project double click on the app icon which is at the left top then go to build settiings select the target and project.
  • goto code signing identity change the deployment to iphone developer.
  • Dont forget to change the bundle identifier.
  • give the bundle identifier in the info.plist file as the bundle identifier which u have given while creating the app id.
  • Then the last but not least step is select the target as iphone or ipad and run the app.
  • enjooooyy happy installation in the devices…..:)

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